Ronald is a character in Chewing Gum. He was originally engaged to Tracey Gordon but wanted to wait until they were married to have sex. After Tracey became frustrated with this and became attracted to Connor, the pair broke up and he was hit by a car. During his recovery, Tracey came to suspect that he was gay. Roland eventually proposes to Tracey's sister, Cynthia but admits during the ceremony that he is, indeed, gay.


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  • Tracey Gordon (ex-girlfriend) - Having dated for some time, Tracey and Ronald had made plans to wait until marriage to engage in sexual intercourse. It is detailed that Joy loved their relationship because of Ronald's faith. Later, however, the love quickly sour, Ronald finding Tracey distasteful and demonizing her for possessing lustful desires. They eventually break up; their interactions since the separation harbor around the idea and evenutal realization that he is a homosexual man.
  • Cynthia Gordon (former fiancée) - Some time after his separation from Tracey, Ronaald dated and asked to wed her sister Cynthia as revenge. Blocking all communication with her, Cynthia heavily ignored all warnings that Ronald was gay until their wedding day, in which Ronald confessed his sexuality to friends and family and broke Cynthia's heart in the process.
    He eventually makes amends with her and claimed to have accepted himself; he has, however, continued to break more hearts of even men he claims to be attracted.
  • Andy (infatuation) - When Tracey formally visited Ronald in his home, he mentioned having a nurse to care of him while he is bed-ridden. For a moment, however, Tracey concluded that Ronald was actually gay, possessing homoerotic depictions of Jesus Christ, whom shared similar features to the nurse Andy.
  • Aaron (infatuation) - In her attempts to gather solid evidences that he was lying to Cynthia, Tracey borrowed Aaron to use as bait for Ronald to fall for during his barchlettor party with the guys. Despite making an advance for sex, Ronald initally rejected, choosing a close friend from the party. On his wedding day with Cynthia, however, he confessed his sexuality and made an advance towards Aaron, which was rebuffed by Candice who informed him that Aaron was heterosexual.



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