Connor Jones is a character in Chewing Gum. He lives on the same estate at Tracey Gordon and is an aspiring poet. Connor and Tracey meet at a house party and get together, although the relationship is initially kept secret from her family due to their religious beliefs.


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Connor is a self described poet who enjoys writing about "all sorts of things". He is quite lazy and is shown to have trouble holding a job. His mom informed Tracey that he has been quite the player. He broke up with Tracey after he thought she had cheated on him with another girl.




  • Emma (girlfriend) - After his break-up with Tracey, Connor met and spent time with a new girl named Emma. The two have been in a mutually loving relationship for a while and have traveled alongside each other from some time.
  • Tracey Gordon (ex-girlfriend) -


  • Ola -
  • Cynthia Gordon -
  • Boy Tracey - When Connor unexpected showed himself at the Gordon Residence, he initially has a sour relationship with Boy Tracey, as the two argued over their love for Tracey.



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