Candice is a character in Chewing Gum. She lives with her grandmother (or nan), Esther, and is Tracey Gordon's best friend. Candice is dating Aaron, and while she loves him, she wants him to be more forceful in the bedroom.


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  • Esther (grandmother) - She is Candice's nan, who lives with her and Aaron in their apartment in Tower Hamlets. She is shown to act more like a younger person throughout the series, as she uses slang that Candice and Tracey often use in her scenes.


  • Aaron (ex-boyfriend) - It is established that Candice and Aaron have had a fairly stable relationship with one another, having sex occasionally. When things became boring, she tries to engage in some BDSM feithses, though initially Aaron felt highly unnerved and uncomfortable with the idea. As their relationship progressed, they continued show each other proper affection and support for one another. Their relationship, however, began to crumble apart when they visit Aaron's father. After one sexual encounter with him, the two sunk deep into an argument over the priorities of their relationship, soon separating for good. It is unknown where Aaron goes afterwards.




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